Top Of The World

by Slightly Stoopid

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Slightly Stoopid


Released by: Stoopid Records
Release/catalogue number: LP007
Release date: Aug 14, 2012


released August 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Slightly Stoopid Ocean Beach

Doesn't really matter as long as the music goes on


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Track Name: Top Of The World
So when the music's stoppin,
There's no more knockin’, or kickin’ down my door
Ain't no need for changin’, or rearranging
This life we have endured
All these foolish ways, with these hopeless strays
Keep you comi’ back for more
By the time you hear it, it's over, it's over
I really must have lost my mind
Wasn't me who wasn't hard to find
Six strings on my back always lookin’ for the next track
Thinking bout the old hood always up to no good
When you gonna realize,
That we livin like we hypnotized
By the time that you hear when the music's over
Times runnin out can't you see it's for ya
When you're down and out
Nobody opens their mouth
No-one ever come around your way
When you're on top of the world
Every man and every girl
Wanna come and get some shit for free
When you're sittin on the corner
No one ever gonna pay you any mind that day
You’re just sittin’ outside gettin’ colder
It was not long ago when when you wasn't that old now look at you are old and gray
Like a piece of your mind that was stolen in time never listen what nobody say
The reason everyday is not a holiday
Is ‘cause the government they steal your pay
Was a dream, but it's already over
Won't someone get us out of here
I'm alive but I can't feel
Can not tell what's reality
Can not tell what is and what isn't real
Track Name: Don't Stop
When everytime I close my eyes and I see your face
And I know ain’t a thing in this world that will ever take your place
When I’m gone just know that them things won’t change
And I know ain’t a thing in the world that will ever take your place
Like a rhythm you play or a drum that you feel
My love for you well you know that it’s real
All that I’m sayin’ and all that she’ll do, my love for her well I know that it’s true
I don’t stop, stop the way I feel, because I love you
Lord I won’t stop, stop the way I feel because I love you
You gotta smile that lights up my life and I won’t let go
I see the moon and the stars in your eyes and I’m wantin’ you to know
It’s been some time you’ve been in my life since the day we’ve met
I think of you and the times that we’ve had I will never forget
Like a rhythm you play or a drum that you feel my love for you
Well you know that it’s real
All that I’m sayin’ and all that she’ll do, my love for her well you know that it’s true
I don’t stop.
Track Name: Devil's Door
Heard you knockin’ on the, Devil’s door
Come back tomorrow baby, Cause he ain’t takin’ anymore.
See you walking down on, Bourbon street
I can tell you girl, who the man is you got to meet.
He’s got the flashy diamonds, he’s got the brand new cars.
Said he’s got the kind of things,
The kind of things that’ll take you far,
And alls you got to give, all’s you got give,
Is just a little bit of lovin’ girl

Like a vampire, she strikes the streets at night.
Said she’s gonna give you everything you want and more,
If your timing’s right.
And all’s you gotta give, alls you gotta give
Is just a little bit of loving girl

Money’s coming in everything is fine, food on the fridge
And there’s plenty of time, to get you back up on top again.
Is better than being at the bottom near the bitter end
Caught you in the game, the stories told, devils come around to take you soul
Said he wants to be your number one man,
And tell ya where to walk and who to fuck,
And when you can stand in the backseat of my limousine
If you make a million dollars baby you’ll be the queen of it all.
Track Name: Way You Move
Don’t need no reason to give,
don’t need no reason or why
don’t really care what you think
Just live your life in the right
and if you call it a game
Look around and you’ll see
A lot of people are hungry
and there looking to eat
Don’t think about what you got
or what you cannot afford
before you roll to the store
just change the labels before
you leave a check at the stand
knowing your screwing the man
because he’d fucking with you
and now you’ve had it

Is it something in the way you move,
Got me thinking that my minds abusing
Is it something in the way you say,
that we thinking this is living today.

Cause all the things that you be thinking out loud,
don’t necessarily matter if your running your mouth
because you never really know who you be talking about
he could be crazy enough to pull a gun and be out

Don’t think about the things that you know must be wrong,
and if you’re moving along
you must be feeling as strong
and if you think abouth the things
that you know must be right
while your wowing and bowin
to get up while you get up in it

Is it something in the way you move,
Got me thinking that my minds abusing
Is it something in the way you say,
that we thinking this is living today.
Track Name: Drink Professionally
Behave, or wind up in them graves, another one we can’t save
Another one of them sad, sad stories
Won’t someone please help us here
I hear it’s getting worse every year, and one solution is beer
But you don’t mix beer and vodka lightly
We mix professionally
We, do mix professionally
Beer jager vodka and weed
But we don’t want to be fighting, we say
Green is the one that we need

Just pray, pray the lord right away
Give thanks and praise right away
When times are hard and I feel like dying
There is just one remedy
I need two and one half pounds of weed
No sticks no steam and no seeds
That’s the the type of weed we’ll be buying
The best herbs is herbs that are free
So free, free up ganja and weed, then legalize the sensi
Only perscription we’ll be trying
Smokin’ on strictly sensi
Track Name: We Don't Wanna Go
When I reach inside my pockets
All my money’s been spent
Sometimes I think about the days back when
It’s hard to get away
From things you knew growing up
Like rolling through the parties, see cops
Say Mr. Officer
Your better get up in line
We only want the finest herbs from the vine
Say Mr. Officer
You better get up in line
We only wanna play the music right
We singin

We don’t wanna go

Don’t let it pass you by
Even though these flashing lights
They seem to shine your eyes so bright
While the man come a reading you your rights
Without warning
Bless for the sounds that you hear
Bless the badge and the gun for your fears
All the ones that you’ve lost through them years
Doing time when your time should be cleared
We singing

We don’t wanna go
Track Name: Mona June (featuring Angela Hunte)
I tried 2 weeks without you
I missed your smell in the air
I saw your face in a daydream
But lost you in a nightmare
You’re so dangerous
She only wants when theres two of us
And I ain’t sharing her with no one else
A could hate but don’t want to

Money in my pocket but it can’t buy me love
Eyes so green like she come from above
Mona June

I was a little it lost before
Before I looked into your eyes
You see in life there’s different stories
Or different ways for you to hide
She keeps a smile upon my face
Knowing your love is always there
She only wants me when theres two of us
And I ain’t holding out to share

Can’t go on without you
Always in my life
Never knew what I do
If you weren’t always right
In front of me in times
Of trouble where everyday
Is like another little remedy
Well I'm a keeping you close so
I can sleep at night